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Swimming Pool

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Our company views pool construction as an artistic endeavour. We offer careful planning and deep research as a top priority from the beginning of the design process. Our design considers several variables, including the topography, surrounding environment, and plot shape. We design a customized pool through careful planning suited to your unique needs and requirements.

Here’s how we work

Voltronix Contracting LLC is dedicated to making your idea, whether it is a tranquil backyard retreat or a modern pool for recreational activities. Drove by the ambition to build a swimming pool that matches your lifestyle further than expected.

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    Your preferences, budget, and any particular features or design elements you have in mind will be discussed with our team of professionals.
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    We conduct extensive planning and site surveys when the design is completed. Our staff carefully considers elements, including the area’s size and form, the soil, the drainage, and the nearness to utilities.
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    To build a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing swimming pool, we cautiously carry out each phase of the construction process, from excavation and building the framework to installing plumbing, electrical systems, and pool finishes.
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    We carry out extensive quality assurance checks after construction is finished to make sure the swimming pool satisfies our high standards,


It’s crucial to consider your unique requirements, interests, and financial situation when choosing a pool design. The area available, the pool’s intended function, safety measures, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal are all things to pay attention to.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep swimming pools clean, secure, and in top condition. This involves regular cleaning, water balance, equipment upkeep, and check-ups on the equipment. Suggest realizable pool care companies to assist you in keeping your pool in top condition.

Yes, we provide services for remodelling and renovating pools. Our staff can evaluate the current pool and offer specialized solutions for revamping or reconstruction, whether you wish to increase the functionality or aesthetics of your pool or address any structural difficulties.

You may remove debris and prevent dirt and algae growth by scrubbing walls, vacuuming the pool floor, and skimming the surface. Maintaining effective filtration requires routine filter cleaning, backwashing, and component inspection. Pumps, motors, heaters, and valves in the swimming pool should all be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure good operation and to promote durability.