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Automation solutions use technology to control and monitor processes or devices automatically. These solutions are used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, energy production, building management, etc. Some standard components of an automation solution include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) stations to monitor and control processes or devices remotely. They typically have a central computer system and a network of remote terminal units (RTUs) or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that collect data and send control signals to monitored devices.

PLC & HMI control panels

 PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) are specialized computers that control industrial processes. They use a series of inputs and outputs to monitor and control devices such as motors, pumps, and conveyor belts. An HMI (Human Machine Interface) control panel is a graphical user interface that allows operators to interact with the PLC and monitor the system’s status

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

They are typically used in SCADA systems to collect sensor data and transmit control signals to the monitored devices.

Variable Frequency Drive Panels

 (VFD) is an electronic device that controls the speed of an AC, simply changing the frequency of the electricity delivered to the motor. VFD panels contain the operation of VFDs and monitor the engine’s performance.

Soft Starter Control Panels

 A soft starter is an electronic device used to gradually ramp up the voltage supplied to an AC motor when it is started. Soft starter control panels are used to control the operation of soft starters and monitor the performance of the motor.

HVAC Control Panels

 HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control panels are used to control the operation of HVAC systems in buildings. They typically include sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors and use this data to adjust the operation of the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable environment.

Solar Solution

Solar solutions are systems that use solar panels to generate electricity. These systems can power homes, businesses, or other structures. They may include battery storage systems to allow for the use of the generated electricity at times when the sun is not shining.

Energy Monitoring and Management System

They track and control energy use in buildings or other facilities. These systems typically include sensors to measure energy usage and may also have controls to optimize energy use and reduce waste.

RO Control Panels

RO (reverse osmosis) control panels control the operation of reverse osmosis systems, which purify water by forcing it through a membrane to remove contaminants. RO control panels may include sensors to monitor the quality of the water being treated and adjust the system’s operation accordingly.

LV and MV Switchgear Electrical Distribution Panels

Voltronix switchgear offers low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) switchgear electrical distribution panels, including main distribution boards (MDBs), sub-main distribution boards (SMDBs), and final distribution boards (FRBs). These panels distribute and control electrical power in buildings and other facilities. 

Distribution Board Audit, Upgrade Design, Retrofit, Testing, and Commissioning

Voltronix switchgear offers a range of services related to distribution boards, including audits to assess their current condition, upgrade designs to improve their performance, retrofit services to replace outdated components, and testing and commissioning to ensure their proper operation.

Electrical Starter, MCC, and Distribution Panels

Voltronix switchgear V electrical starters, motor control centers (MCCs), and distribution panels. These components control and distribute electrical power to motors and other loads.

Electrical Maintenance Services Incorporating Labor Hire

Voltronix switchgear offers a range of electrical maintenance services, including labor hire, to help customers maintain the proper functioning of their electrical systems. These services may include inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance tasks.

Generator Control Panels

Switchgear Company Dubai provides generator control panels, which are used to control the operation of generators, which are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. These panels may include various controls and monitors to start and stop the generator and synchronize it with the electrical grid.

Capacitor Banks 

Voltronix switchgear offers capacitor banks, groups of capacitors connected in a series or parallel configuration. Capacitor banks are used to improve the power factor of an electrical system by storing electrical energy and releasing it back into the system as needed.

Feeder Installation and Maintenance

Voltronix switchgear provides feeder installation and maintenance services, which are used to install and maintain the electrical cables and other components used to distribute electrical power to different parts of a building or facility.

Pump Control Panels

Voltronix switchgear offers pump control panels, which are used to control the operation of pumps, which are devices that move fluids or gases from one location to another. These panels may include various controls and monitors used to start and stop the pump and regulate its flow rate.

Automation Control Panel Upgrade and Retrofit

Voltronix switchgear provides services to upgrade and retrofit automation control panels, which are used to control and monitor industrial processes or devices. These services may include replacing outdated components, adding new features, or improving the overall performance of the control panel.

Solar Pumping Solution 

Voltronix switchgear offers solar pumping solutions, which use solar panels to generate electricity and power pumps to move water or other fluids. These solutions are used in various applications, such as irrigation, water treatment, or industrial processes.


Automation and control systems assist and enhance the brains of your existing machines – enabling them to work smarter and more efficiently:

  • Increase productivity
  • Achieve cost savings
  • Minimize waste and downtime
  • Elevate worker safety

Our expert engineers, electricians, CAD designers, PLC Programmers, and panel builders create innovative automation and controls solutions using the latest hardware and software technology.  We provide an unbiased evaluation of your needs and devise a plan which exceeds expectations in a timely fashion.

There are many reasons, each unique for each business. However, some general reasons to reach out to Automation Solutions are situations where you desire:

  • Reducing levels of on-site labor
  • Increased safety
  • Eliminating the variability found in prior manual processes
  • Optimizing and regulating product consistency
  • Providing a means to monitor and execute both on-site and remote instruction processes
  • Cost savings
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Waste reduction
  • Accessibility via LAN connection- reducing the number of bodies physically required on-site