Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Your Switchgear

Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Your Switchgear

Maintenance is an inevitable course of action to improve the efficiency of equipment or system by ensuring that they are functioning at their maximum level. Preventive maintenance has a significant role in the proper function of the system. Circuit breakers, disconnect points, and switches can be tested for their proper performance, which is advocated to do every year. A proper examination could be done to identify signs of deterioration, dust or cracks, etc.

  • Performing preventive maintenance could help to make sure of the potential safety issues and address before becoming risky.
  • Switch gears are essential components in an electrical system. Failure of this could damage other equipment. Preventive maintenance helps switch gears are serving reliably and minimize the risk of unexpected failure.
  • Another factor is cost saving, preventive maintenance helps to recognize small issues in becoming major which could reduce costly replacements and services.
  • The longevity of the equipment could be increased by proper care, which could even downtime and substitution cost.


Switchgear Safety: Tips for Reducing the Risk of Electrical Accidents

  • Always recommended to wear appropriate personal protective equipment when working with switch gear. Which includes safety glasses, gloves and flame-resistant clothing.
  • Address immediately when signs of damage, loose connection etc are found.
  • Use proper tools when working on switch gears that include insulated tools and voltage testers.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock verify whether it is perfectly bonded.
  • Proper training should be given to all workers regarding safety procedures and rules.
  • Regular inspection is required to avoid the risk of electrical accidents.


How Modern Switchgear Can Help Your Facility Meet Energy-Efficiency Goals

 The design of switchgear is mainly to provide an enormous degree of safety for electrical equipment.

In today’s working atmosphere, it is important to have a stable power system. Modern switchgear has energy-saving features wherein it minimizes the consumption of energy and can preserve the quality of the electrical supply.

Modern switchgear incorporates advanced technology and safety mechanisms which require high levels of experience in terms of properly configuring and installing. This enhances safety.

One of the significant factors of modern switchgear is that it is armed with advanced controlling and detecting properties that effectively manage energy consumption.

Modern switchgear is equipped to meet the needs of today’s heavy electric system intelligent monitoring systems, automatic switches etc that could help to be reliable.

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